Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This is a record.
This is the beginning of a project that will address a specific example of a larger occurrence.
It is one iteration of an ongoing cycle.
It is defined by dichotomies held as constructed truths:



I aim, as many performance artists and theorists do, to blur these seemingly obdurate bifurcations, and explore, rather, the liminal space that exists in, out, around, under, and above this boundaries. While I am aware that many before me have paved the way in exploring these ideas, I hope to use movement, my first language, to articulate the tensions--and release; the relations in space--and dimension; the moments of stillness.

This is a record of a beginning, the mobilization of movement.

Topics addressed:

Dance Movement Therapy
Kinesthetic empathy
Notions of "retribution" for war
Transgenerational effects of war
Transgenerational trauma

Aesthetic concepts:
negative space
> How does one's relation to something change after it is no longer physically present?

1. anesthetize
phrase using large arm circles,
minimized to certain body parts,
anesthetizing certain parts at a time
shoulder blade, upper arm, elbow, wrist, ongles

2. crawling
pushing/falling from different parts in the body


David Alan Harris
DMT work with PTSD child soldiers in Sierra Leone

Trauma and Recovery
Judith Berman

Body in Pain
Elaine Scarry

Aspen Institute
Walter Isaacson

Of Performance and the Persistent Temporality of Trauma: Memory, Art, and Visions
Boresth Ly

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