Tuesday, March 8, 2011

rehearsal two.

Was choreographing at Chez Bushwick and was
influenced by the ceiling fans
and the notion of how soldiers will have flashbacks
of helicopters due to PTSD in the presence of fans.

I then began ruminating about the ambivalent nature
of helicopters
as a signifier of both
salvation and
and decay.

As helicopters became the new face of calvary units
they were both the carriers of c-rations
and the undertakers of corpses.

This ambivalence is examined in a film I saw at the MOMA
by Dinh Q Le
about how a family that used to be sprayed with defoliants
are now in the business of making helicopters
as their foray into the technologically driven world.

Thus, I began investigating the
serene, calm, and quiet-
the relief and the awe associated with the first
glimpses of a helicopter over the horizon;
this is manifested in a gestural series
of that progression
from awe to...

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