Monday, April 25, 2011

exercise in repetition

Took a workshop with Ben Rasmussen as part of ClassClassClass.
Investigated Repetition as a choreographic structure.

Some choreographers use repetition to develop a motif or a phrase structure (A, A', etc.) within a work. This requires that a particular movement or gesture is repeated and then built upon. There is a sense of completeness garnered from the recognition of a movement that has been performed before. A sense of catharsis in the progression of that movement.

Other choreographers choose to repeat a certain gesture without a choreographed sense of development; however, despite the prescribed reluctance towards change, there is inevitably an evolution of repeated movement when performed by a human being. We are not machines. In the same vain as why Rauschenberg's Factum 1 and Factum 2 differ, repetition in performance is inherently not exactly the same. The body inserts itself.

This fact produces two results:

1. the eye habituates to the repeated movement, a sense of security is developed
2. differences and development are made more apparent in contrast to the sameness; interest is renewed

I aim to find the place where the body must insert itself.
Pain, fatigue, and stamina all play a role.
I want to explore the inanity that results from an action that is repeated incessantly.

What happens when a movement, that we know serves no purpose other than destruction, continues to repeat itself?

When must we stop?

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