Monday, April 30, 2012

Black April: 37 years and counting

to remember is to miss

mat nuoc:
to lose water is to lose a country
to lose water is to lose a war
to lose water is to lose a future, a family, a memory, an exhale.

Today marks the 37th anniversary since the declared end of the Vietnam War.
Please take a second today to reflect on something for which you are grateful, something for which you are grieving, something for which you have hope, and something you wish to change.

Thanks for being a part of Project Agent Orange with me. It is comforting for me to remember that despite the difficulty that arises throughout the process, we are undergoing an act of creation when so much of the rest of society chooses to destruct. The journey is long, and often filled with trials, but maybe someday our actions will speak louder.

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