Saturday, January 28, 2012

April: rehearsal reflection

[Editor's Note: This is a reflection written by April Dayok as part of a journaling session that took place during rehearsal on 1/26/12. The dancers were asked to take a moment to reflect in words how contagion and the work of PAO related to their lives.]


A safe place. A home for emotion and ideas to be free flowing. For voices to mix and strengthen one another so they can be heard as one - united. Uniting in conversation. Out loud in words and sentences and in silence in gesture and dance. A place to create and tap into a universe. And a chance to invite others in to the universality and potency of moving. Saying with our mouths and our eyes and our limbs. Our heart and our energy. A playground in the center of a city, a world, a number of things. An exploration of time. Of passing time. Of passing smiles and heavy weight and light.

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