Saturday, January 28, 2012

Morgana: rehearsal reflection

[Editor's Note: This is a reflection written by Morgana Phlaum as part of journaling session that took place during rehearsal on 1/26/12. The dancers were asked to take a moment to reflect in words how contagion and the work of PAO related to their lives.]

The act of contagion was a strong focus in rehearsal today. The exercises played with the idea of one person's movement influencing the reaction of someone else. Energy transfers between people can be very subtle or even abrasive. Someone else's touch or bump can cause you to fall into someone else...a never ending cycle. This reminded me of how recently, I have accidentally given myself  bruises on my legs. One simple scratch  has caused terrible looking bruises. I didn't realize that a few scratches could cause such things. One scratch causes a huge bruise to spread across my leg. Contagion can be quite scary when the impetus is not understood. Being born with the affects from Agent Orange leaves babies helpless. Bruises will eventually go away...

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